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Wallpaper Removal Services in Cleveland, OH

A word of warning upfront, if you have a wallpaper removal task ahead of you, you are in for a bit of work. It may be easier and safer to contact a professional Cleveland Wallpaper Removal Company such as Painting Contractor Quotes then to spend the time doing it yourself.

Most wallpaper can be removed from the interior of your Cleveland home, by a trained professional, without any problems. Our professional wallpaper technicians spray the surface of each wall with a mixture of hot water and an enzyme based wallpaper remover. The enzyme breaks down the starch in the adhesive, and allows the old paper to be scraped off. Whether wet stripping or dry stripping wallpaper, our technicians always wash paste from the walls. If a previously papered area is to be repainted, our painting contractors recommend a coat of oil primer to seal any adhesive that might be left after washing. This is to ensure that your home is clean, and eliminates any problems during the painting process.

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Why Cleveland Homeowners Should Hire Us For Their Wallpaper Removal

Our Cleveland wallpaper removal services are available for your full house, from kitchens to family rooms, no matter if your Cleveland home is new or old. Further, we never leave a wallpaper removal job without ensuring that our customer is satisfied with the services that we provide.

As a Cleveland, OH professional painting contractor we can provide you with all types of Wallpaper Removal services like Wallpaper Stripping, Wall Paper Removers, and Wallpaper Glue Removal to name just a few. Our professional Wallpaper Removal team is bonded, licensed and insured. They carry liability insurance and worker's compensation coverage. Painting Contractor Quotes will make sure your belongings are protected and your family is safe as we complete your Wallpaper Removal project. Let us do the work; there is no need to get your hands dirty!

We do not cut corners. We provide excellent long-term value by hiring the best Cleveland area Wallpaper Removal Contractors and providing high quality paint jobs. You'll have confidence when the job is started and complete satisfaction when it's done. We will go above and beyond to please you so we can add your name to our long list of satisfied Wallpaper Removal customers in the Cleveland, OH area.

Our Cleveland Wallpaper Removal Includes These Detailed Services

  • Wallpaper Stripping

  • Wall Paper Removers

  • Wallpaper Glue Removal

  • Remove Vinyl Wallpaper

  • Remove Old Wallpaper

  • Remove Stripped Wallpaper

  • Wallpaper Replacement

  • Wallpaper Removal and Painting

  • Painting Over Wallpaper

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